Working for BAM

BAM, a multifaceted employer

‘Building’ and ‘development’ are both closely associated with our industry, but for BAM their primary significance relates to people: ‘building’ on their strengths, ‘developing’ their talents. It is the qualities of our employees that determine the quality of our projects. People form the ‘human capital’ at BAM that enables us to further strengthen our market position and increase our returns.

BAM is on the lookout for talented and ambitious employees, with or without work experience, who can help contribute towards the growth and profitability of our companies and projects. We want intelligent and sound team players with a results-oriented approach who are capable of making a success of our projects.

We make every effort at BAM to create a culture of openness in a positive atmosphere in which there is room for all kinds of characters and for people with all kinds of talents. Our end-users are all different, so diversity and openness in our own organisation is a must.